Barrow, Broseley, Shropshire TF12 5BW

01952 388640

Barrow 1618

A Church of England Free School


Chair of the Governing Body - Ms. Carolyn Jones

A message from Mrs. Selina Graham


I am honoured to be a Trustee of the outstanding and progressive Barrow 1618 Church of England Primary Free School.

The Governors bring many skills and experiences to their role of supporting, promoting and protecting the interests of the school, its pupils and staff. We strive to provide all pupils with the means to achieve their maximum potential in a vibrant and inspirational educational environment where they are nurtured and developed as individuals in a school with a strong Christian ethos and emphasis on core moral values.

Having opened as a free school with academy status in 2012, we are extremely proud of our achievements to date. First and foremost, we have happy children, and the atmosphere in and around the school is a credit to all involved with it. Accredited with The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom and EcoSchools Bronze Awards and School Games Mark Gold Award, we also have a kitchen garden and an orchard, a forest school and a sports pitch, a sports hall and outdoor classrooms for each year group.

Since opening we have strived to be carbon neutral with biomass heating and solar panels producing electricity. We have an innovative and creative curriculum, and children make fantastic progress towards becoming life ready individuals both academically and emotionally. Staff have been involved in sharing best practice to those outside the school, and it is intended to build on this success over the coming months and years.

The governors concentrate on supporting the school and creating the strong foundations from which staff and children can challenge themselves and push their boundaries in a safe, financially secure, and happy place.

This website will answer many of the questions you may have but it is no substitute for a visit where you would get a warm welcome from Sian Stephenson, Headteacher, and her team.

Barrow 1618 brings together everything I would have wished my children to have in primary education and I hope that you will discover this in choosing Barrow 1618 for yours.

Governor Impact Statements 

Please see the document below for details in how the governors have supported the school:




Who We Are And What We Do

Governance Structure - guidance and additional information

Governance Structure

Governor Details

Code of Conduct

Register of Business Interests

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