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The links, ideas and activities on this page and Seesaw are to help you to learn from home. There is enough here to keep you busy for around 4 hours a day. Here is an example timetable of how you could organise learning from home:

  • 30 minutes reading
  • 15 minutes times table
  • 15 minutes spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • 15 minutes handwriting
  • 1 hr maths
  • 1 hr writing 
  • 1 hr topic/afternoon lesson

 Click here for Remote education e-safety tips for Parents/Carers

Mr Holmes' top new picks:

1) The Field Studies Council are running a series of 5 live 40 minute lessons linked to outdoor learning. These come with practical activities and worksheets to tackle.


2) Jorvik Education Team are running a week of online lessons from 8th - 12th of February. While we aren't studying Viking this year, this was a topic for year 4 children last year and will be a topic for year 3 children next year.


3) Cressida Cowell is hosting a new competition with prizes to be won! You can find out information about this at  Her Youtube channel has loads of great content including book reading, and a creativity camp created during the summer! Click on the picture to Toothless to access her main Youtube page.Hiccup: This is my dragon Toothless. He's tiny. And ...


4) The Stem Workshop are going to be hosting live practical challenges that are aimed at engaging you in scientific content.  

These Live STEM Challenges will support in raising children’s aspirations and we hope will support in engaging children working from home and in school, children will need access to the following materials as we will explore the following each week……..
Week 1 – Live STEM Challenge – Thursday 21st January, 2021
Title: Exploring Forces – Marine Engineering
Materials needed: Play dough, bowl of water, paper
Week 2 – Live STEM Challenge – Thursday 28th January, 2021
Title – Exploring air pressure – Make a pressure jet
Materials needed: Play dough, bowl of water, paper
Week 3 – Live STEM Challenge – Thursday 4th February, 2021
Title: Exploring Aerospace Engineering
Materials needed: 2 x plastic water bottle, 3 x balloons, jug of water, something sharp to pierce a whole in a plastic bottle
Week 4 – Live STEM Challenge – Thursday 11th February, 2021
Title: The science behind a pancake
Materials needed: Flour, milk, eggs x 2, glass, jug, whisk, frying pan
Weekly prize give away!
We will be giving away a free prize from our online shop to the best photo that is shared on one of our social media platforms showing fabulous exploring and experimenting
Photos can be shared to any of our social media pages
Facebook @TheSTEMWorkshopLtd
Twitter @TheSTEMWorkshop
Instagram @TheSTEMWorskshopLtd

Please note photos must be shared by an adult


5) Each week the Oak National Academy with be working with an author, they will talk about their books and provide some activities. This weeks author is Nizrana Farook.


6) Chester Zoo are hosting live Virtual Zoo sessions on Fridays, the next session is on:

Friday 22nd January

10am to 10.20am Andean bears
11am to 11.20am Short-clawed otters
12pm to 12.20pm Brilliant bugs
1pm to 1.30pm Sloths

You can find out the information for his here. You can also catch up with the past virtual Zoo session here.



Enjoy reading your favourite books. If you have a kindle, download some new books to enjoy. If you don't have a Kindle you can download a kindle APP to use on your device, there are some free books on this link


There are Free EBooks and activities available at Oxford Owl (You will need a parent/carer to create an account.)


Scholastic has made a "Learn at Home" magazine which can be found here. Our age group would be the Grade 3-5 one, however, some of you may be more interested in the Grade 6-9 one.


Reading activities:

  • Have a go at some of the 60-second reading quizzes found here (parents or carers will need to make a Twinkl account, these are currently free. I have also sent some of these out in your packs.)
  • Have a go at some of the longer comprehension packs found here.
  • Write a book review - What happened? What was the best bit? Who would you recommend this book to?
  • Design a new front cover for your book
  • Write an alternative ending
  • Describe one of the characters in detail with a picture
  • Read to a plant - did it help them to grow?


The powerpoints below have a range of ideas for creative writing. Please feel free to write a story and share an exciting reading of it via Seesaw






This link provides the Year 3/4 National Curriculum spelling list. If you prefer to use the school's Spelling Bee Honeycomb format then I have included these below. These spelling lists are made using the NC lists with some extras thrown in.

Green = Yr 1+2 spellings , 

Green 3


Purple = Yr 3+4 spellings

Purple 3


Orange = Yr 5+6 spellings.

Orange 3


This GetItRight activity book covers a wide range of SPAG activities. An answer book is also available here.

There are lots of exciting SPAG games that you can play here.

You can brush up on your SPAG skills by watching some of these videos.

A huge pack of Year 3 SPAG activities are available here.

A huge pack of Year 4 SPAG activities are available here.



Mathletics - New activities are assigned weekly to recap the content we have covered

TT Rockstars - there is a battle running of yr3 vs yr4, all times tables are linked to the ones your child is learning.

Times table bees - orangepurplegreenblue

The Maths Factor is currently free to use and offers a wide range of activities.  (Creating an account is required.)

15 for 15 - download and have a go at these

Test A - Questions

Test A - Answers

Test B - Questions

Test B - Answers


 You can brush up on some of the topics we have already looked at, "Electricity" "The Human Body" and "Light and Shadow" or you could look into some new topics that we will cover "Changing States" and "Animals and Habitats".

Dyson has created a range of science and engineering challenges for children to try at home.

ScienceKids has all of the different topics split up nicely.

CrickWeb has a range of interactive activities for you to try.

Check out the range of games, videos and information on BBC Bitesize. You could choose one of the mini-lessons on there are create a poster for each science session.


Here are some science experiments to try at home (with your parent's permission!)


  Currently we are studying "The Gospel - What sort of world would Jesus want?"


You can find some extra resources here:

BBC Bitesize RE

RE Quizzes




Check out a weekly french lesson to keep up and build your french skills.



This range of activities is designed to practice the key skills involved in your topic lessons. 


Historical Skills

  • Have a go at organising this timeline back into order.
  • There are lots of historical games to access here.
  • This link provides access to lots of videos which cover a range of topics, you can revise one of the topics already covered or learn about a new area of history.


Geographical Skills

Brush up on your knowledge of Latitude and Longitude. You may want to back this up with exploring google maps and finding your location.

This website gives you access to a huge range of geography games and interactive activities.


Art and Design Skills

  • You can access a great range of art and design ideas on this link.
  • The Tate has some nice games and quizzes that you can try., you can turn your hand to some graffiti or watercolours online.




This half term would have been looking at e-safety:

This fun game is made by google and packed with great questions




Outdoor Learning



Extra Learning Resources


"Scholastic" has made a range of worksheets available for free. (Parents/Careers will need to create an account) The year 3/4 activities are here but having looked at the activities for year 5/6, lots of children will be fine with these too!  


Twinkl has produced some home learning packs that cover a range of areas, you may find here useful.

You can also check out their activities to help keep you calm and relaxed or by check out their games.


Work of the Week

This great non-chronological report by Maisie.

This great soil research by Elsie.

This fab non-chronological report by Immy.

This great book review video.