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Keeping Active

As we would normally have a few afterschool clubs based around different competitions the School Partnership who organise these events have come up with a few different activities for you to try. These are extra to your normal PE sessions and so are completely voluntary - but lots of fun and a good challenge!

Before taking part in any activity, please ensure that you are safe - make sure you have enough space that you are wearing the correct clothing or footwear and that you complete a warm up. Remember to cool down after the activity too.

Coin Flip Fitness

a flip of a coin decides which exercise you will do. Will it be jogging on the spot for 'heads' or burpees for 'tails? There are 14 different exercises to try.


Boxfit is a great way of combining boxing with fitness which makes it so much fun! It is hard going but really great fun! 


Yoga can help you feel better in these strange times and is very good way of keeping fit without having to have too much space or equipment.


As many of you may know each year William Brookes hold a Dance Festival for all schools to participate and compete in, unfortunately this year due to Covid this will be not be able to take place. However, the organisers of the event have come up with a solution and this is by way of a YouTube channel. Each week they will up load a dance (or section of a dance) for you to learn if you want to. 

If you want to you can send in a video of you completing the dance (there are four videos for you to learn) and upload it to seesaw along with your parents consent that this can be sent to William Brookes. They will be watching the routines and will be awarding a Gold, Silver & Bronze in each section or year group. We need to have all videos in by 5th March please. 

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